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Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio. / Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio. Jordan Presseault of Cinema Works Entertainment. / Jordan Presseault, de Cinema Works Entertainment. Jeremy O’Krafka of MENTORNetwork. / Jeremy O’Krafka, de MENTORNetwork. Chris Johnson of Permission Click Inc. / Chris Johnson, de Permission Click inc. Brittany Hopkins of Anice Jewellery. / Brittany Hopkins, d'Anice Jewellery. Jason Joseph Richard of Prop2Go NB Inc. / Jason Joseph Richard, de Prop2Go NB inc. Alison Smith of Thera-Ped Moncton Inc. / Alison Smith, de Thera-Ped Moncton inc. Linda Garson

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Devon has been an incredible mentor for us. We leave each meeting inspired and excited for our journey ahead. She is able to critique and advise us in a way where we can directly implement her feedback into our business model. She is able to see the big and the small picture of where our business is heading and always keeps us on the right track. We are two young males, and having Devon’s female perspective is constantly refreshing.”

Ryan Slater and Zach Berman of The Juice Truck. / Ryan Slater et Zach Berman, de The Juice Truck.
Ryan Slater and Zach Berman The Juice Truck