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Kendal Netmaker of Neechie Gear. / Kendal Netmaker, de Neechie Gear. Lauren Friese of TalentEgg Inc. / Lauren Friese, de TalentEgg inc. Alexey Saltykov of InsurEye Inc. / Alexey Saltykov, d'InsurEye inc. Kevin Schwenker Samantha Chan of Paintlounge. / Samantha Chan, de Paintlounge. Lisa von Sturmer Rosemarie Enslin Ryan Slater and Zach Berman of The Juice Truck. / Ryan Slater et Zach Berman, de The Juice Truck.

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Take the risk, measure the potential. Surround yourself with mentors, talk about your ideas with the right people (protect your ideas as well), read books to better yourselves or (even better) talk with seasoned entrepreneurs to overcome your obstacles... behind every obstacle, there is a chance to innovate and impress your clients!”

Frédéric Leduc, Jean-François Larrivée and Simon Gaudreau of Immune Biosolutions. / Frédéric Leduc, Jean-François Larrivée et Simon Gaudreau, d'Immune Biosolutions.
Frédéric Leduc, Jean-François Larrivée and Simon Gaudreau Immune Biosolutions