• Finding My First Investors

    Written By: Brooke Hansen on behalf of Joelle Parenteau, Founder, Xpeeria There is no tried and true formula or algorithm for finding investors. From Shark Tank to Kickstarter, angel investors to friends and family, there are so many different ways to fundraise. For Xpeeria’s founder, Joelle Parenteau, the process of raising her first round of […]

  • From Foodie to Founder: Bec Cola

    What’s the recipe for success as an entrepreneur? For Olivier Dionne of Bec Cola, it’s that perfect blend of dreaming and doing. Olivier and his partners, Gwendal and Kevin Creurer, wanted to revolutionize the beverage world and create the first cola on the market made from 100% certified organic ingredients. Throughout their journey they’ve stayed […]

  • Building Relationships Builds Your Business

    Business success is measured in numbers—are we hitting our revenue targets, generating adequate profit margins, creating value for our clients and generating optimal social impact? While the goal of any business effort is to generate this measureable value, many fall into a dangerous preoccupation with the numbers to the detriment of the people at the […]

  • Business Advice: When to Ask for It, Listen to It, and Ignore It

    Written By: Nadine Robinson, Co-Founder, Flok I co-founded my company with someone who is a fearless networker, a stout risk-taker, and is not afraid to ask anyone anything. She constantly asks for and takes feedback gratefully and thoughtfully, using it to fuel her onwards. These qualities, however, don’t come naturally for me. I am instinctively […]