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Please note that due to high demand we are not currently accepting applications from entrepreneurs for our moMENTum offering at this time.

Fast forward your business from start-up to success story with an experienced mentor.

moMENTum, a Futurpreneur Canada program supported by BDC, is a six-month mentoring program that pairs entrepreneurs aged 18-39 with an experienced mentor to support them through the early stages of starting their business.

Upon an official match confirmed by both the entrepreneur and the mentor, an operational fee of $125 will be charged to the entrepreneur. This fee is non-refundable and supports the administration of this program.


Futurpreneur Canada supports aspiring business owners between the ages of 18-39 who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Learn more about moMENTum by reading our general terms and conditions for the program.

General terms and conditions: moMENTum

  • You are:
    • An entrepreneur working full-time on your business for 0 to 6 months OR
    • An entrepreneur working part-time on your business for 0 to 12 months OR
    • Are within 0 to 3 months from launch / your first sale
  • Between 18 and 39 years of age
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Willing and available to work approximately 4 to 5 hours a month with a volunteer mentor for a period of six months
  • Willing to submit regular progress reports and pre-and-post program evaluation surveys
  • Able to articulate the skills and advice you need from a mentor
  • Committed to fully participating in a self-evaluation process
  • Able to articulate specific goals for working with a mentor and are committed to making progress towards goals
  • If accepted into the program, willing to pay $125 non-refundable administration fee related to file processing
  • Willing and available to attend a mandatory onboarding kick-off webinar led by a Futurpreneur Canada Mentor-in-Residence

Program Details

moMENTum provides six months of one-on-one mentoring for entrepreneurs who are within three months of launching their business or have launched a business within the last six months. We’re committed to delivering a program that offers a successful mentoring experience for everyone involved, so we’ll provide structured training for the mentor and entrepreneur, resources and guides, and scheduled check-ins.

moMENTum mentors are recruited from across Canada and many have successfully owned their own business for at least five years. In fact, some of them have gone through a Futurpreneur program, so they’ve been in your shoes before and know the pitfalls that new business owners face.

You’ll apply to the program by completing our application form and also participate in a brief interview. Based on the applications and interview, we’ll match mentors with entrepreneurs we feel will be a good fit, and the mentor will make the final decision about who they’ll work with.

We’ll recommend entrepreneurs to the mentors based on:

  • Program eligibility
  • Strength of the application
  • Identified values and working style

If you’re selected, you will be notified by Futurpreneur and will have 48 hours to accept the offer, pay the $125 administration fee and register for an online, onboarding workshop.

As soon as the workshop is completed you’ll be connected to your mentor over email and will be asked to meet in person within two weeks.

If you meet the criteria above for moMENTum, apply to work with a mentor.

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Benefits of Business Mentoring

Futurpreneur Canada’s industry-leading mentoring offers expertise, resources and skill-building opportunities to take you and your business to the next level.

6 months of mentoring can help you:

  • Gain insight and perspective by having someone to bounce your ideas off of.
  • Identify opportunities and risks by learning from someone experienced.
  • Focus on and strategically work towards your business vision.
  • Grow your own business network and enhance your business acumen.
  • Shorten your learning curve.
  • Build confidence knowing you have someone in your corner.

Applying and What to Expect

Please note that due to high demand we are not currently accepting applications from entrepreneurs for our moMENTum offering at this time. However, if you are interested in the program, please feel free to fill out our Stay Informed form and we will be in touch once applications re-open. If you’re interested in becoming a moMENTum mentor please Register Now or click to learn more.

  • 1
    You’ve taken our crash courses and understand our eligibility requirements.
  • 2
    You’re going to apply to the program by completing our application form and also participate in a brief interview.
  • 3
    You’ll be matched based on program eligibility, business potential, and fit with the mentor.
  • 4
    If you're shortlisted, we’ll schedule a 15-minute telephone interview with you to ensure you’re the right fit for this program.
  • 5
    You’ll have 48 hours to pay the non-refundable administrative fee and register for an onboarding webinar.
  • 6
    We’ll match you with a mentor and together you’ll complete the orientation (Ment2BTM).
  • 7
    You’ll continue meeting with your mentor and attending networking events.

Futurpreneur Canada is not responsible for any online communication problems, nor for any late, lost, misdirected, or incomplete applications, which will be void.

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Become a Mentor

At Futurpreneur, we’ve seen the powerful results a young entrepreneur can have as a new business owner when they’re supported by someone who has already been in their shoes. That’s why we, with support from BDC, developed moMENTum as a stand-alone mentoring offering.

By becoming a moMENTum mentor, you can share your knowledge and business experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing six months of mentorship to an aspiring entrepreneur.

This isn’t just an opportunity to give back to the entrepreneurial community, but also a chance to develop your leadership skills and to learn from your mentee’s experiences. As a Futurpreneur mentor, you’ll join a community of almost 3,000 volunteer mentors and gain access to exclusive learning and development materials and networking events in your area.

Interested to make an impact on the next generation of entrepreneurs?

Register Now

Thank you to all of our volunteer mentors across Canada who have participated in moMENTum! Our mentors have expertise across various industries and each brings their own set of business skills to a mentoring relationship. View our thank you page and learn more about moMENTum mentors.

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Matches done for the moMENTum Program are based on an alignment in approach (such as values, communication styles, and motivations), entrepreneurial skills and business strengths between the mentor and entrepreneur.

Availability of mentors and applicants from the same city is part of our selection process, and we’ll give priority to matches between mentors and entrepreneurs living in the same city or region to facilitate in-person meetings.

Based on program eligibility, mentor fit and region, applicants will be shortlisted and interviewed by our staff. The mentor will have the final choice of the entrepreneur they end up mentoring.

Applicants’ profiles are thoroughly evaluated in confidentiality before being recommended to a volunteer mentor.

  • Committed to fully participating in a self-evaluation program and process for 6 months accompanied by a voluntary mentor;
  • Able to articulate what skills, values and communication style they are looking for in a mentor;
  • Able to set personal goals and committed to tracking progress towards these goals;
  • In the pre-launch and/or the official launch stage of a business. That means you’ve been working on your business full time for between zero and six months or you’ve been working on your business part time for between zero and 12 months, or you are within zero to one month away from launch or your first sale;
  • Between 18 and 39 years of age;
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • Living in the same city or region as their volunteer mentor of choice

We don’t require or review any formal documentation, but you should have your start-up plan in mind so you can communicate your business goals clearly in the application.

We’ll be giving priority to entrepreneurs who have not participated in the moMENTum program previously.

If you’ve already been matched with a mentor through Futurpreneur, you’re not eligible for moMENTum. We hope you’re already receiving the benefits of one-on-one mentoring through that match, and if you have any questions about your current mentoring relationship, please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager.

If you’re looking for financing, you can apply for funding through Futurpreneur and be matched with a mentor for up to two years. You can also keep in touch with Futurpreneur by following us on Facebook and Twitter, where you’ll learn about our programs, resources and events that might benefit you and your business.

The six month program starts the first day you meet with your mentor and complete an online orientation with them. We’ll ask that you have this meeting no more than ten working days upon receiving email instructions from your Client-Relationship Associate.

After the six months, we’ll ask for your feedback on your experience and you’ll complete a survey tracking your achievements and progress throughout the program. If you and your mentor agree that there is value in continuing your relationship, we encourage you to maintain an informal mentoring relationship outside of the program.

The $125 fee is an administrative cost that helps us put time and care into our matches. This administrative fee is non-refundable.

We won’t be accepting requests for rematches for moMENTum.

This program is for entrepreneurs launching a business who don’t currently require funding for their business but could benefit from the support of an experienced entrepreneur as their mentor. If you do require financing for your business, we suggest looking at our financing and mentoring option.

We created moMENTum in response to requests from entrepreneurs who did not require financing for their business, but wanted to connect with someone who had been through a business start-up and was willing to provide support and advice based on their experience. Getting advice from a trusted person outside of your business can be a huge help – and a real confidence builder. Your mentor won’t have a commercial tie to your business, so they don’t have motivations that are tied to an investment. They can also give you the honest input that you might not be getting from friends or family. Even if they don’t have all the answers for you, they’ll brainstorm ideas, discuss confidential matters, provide you with advice based on their experience and bring outside knowledge and observations to your business. We know our mentors get just as much out of the experience too as they learn about your ideas, opportunities and challenges.

Our mentoring philosophy describes mentoring as offering personalized support to help entrepreneurs develop their abilities and insights as they start and grow their business idea. This also includes building self-reliance and leadership skills in entrepreneurs; helping entrepreneurs discover their own insights, options, solutions and decisions; support an entrepreneur’s self-directed learning and reflection; and facilitate two-way learning between mentor and entrepreneur.

Mentoring is about empowering someone through knowledge and experience to help them become self-reliant and able to deal with any issues that can arise.

moMENTum isn’t a course on entrepreneurship; it’s an opportunity to widen your knowledge and business skills through working with a mentor. Keep in mind, moMENTum is neither a coaching nor a consultation service. Mentors are volunteers who are trained by us to empower you with their own skill set on some, but not all, questions you might have. Their role isn’t to provide quick and specific answers to your problems or questions, but rather to bring their knowledge and experience to the table and help you brainstorm solutions. Also, because mentors are required to have no commercial link with entrepreneurs, the mentors cannot investigate the financials of your business, as that would be considered a conflict of interest.

You should expect an experienced mentor who you can trust to support you as you launch and build your business. Mentors volunteer because they want to put their skills and knowledge to use by helping a fellow entrepreneur on a personal and professional level.

You’ll be driving the meetings with your mentor, so coming prepared is important. You should be prepared to set the direction of the meetings, and give your mentor a clear understanding of your goals. We’ll also ask you to track the progress of your ideas. To help you stay on track, we’ve developed some tracking tools that you’ll be able to use on your first official session with your mentor.

moMENTum includes a self-evaluation process that is supported by monthly reports provided by Futurpreneur Canada. You’ll be required to participate fully in the process, provide monthly updates and complete a survey at the end of the program.

Yes. If you’ve been working part-time in your business for between zero and 12 months, you are eligible to the program. See the full eligibility criteria on this page.

We make one mentor-match per business, so the person who fills out the application will be the main point of contact for the mentor. You’ll all be welcome to attend the mentor meeting each month to share in the experience.

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We are no longer accepting mentor registrations for our moMENTum program at this time. However, if you are interested in becoming a mentor we encourage you to explore the mentoring opportunities in our Start-up program. Click to learn more and to connect directly with one of our mentoring experts.

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