Action Entrepreneurship: Growing young enterprise

Earlier this year, Futurpreneur Canada hosted roundtable discussions on youth entrepreneurship in 11 cities across Canada, a virtual roundtable and live chat, and conducted a national young entrepreneur survey, commissioned by the Foundation for an Entrepreneurial Canada. These activities brought Canada’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs together with business, policy, education, non-profit and other leaders to expand youth entrepreneurship in Canada.

The roundtables culminated in the Action Entrepreneurship Canadian Summit in Toronto on May 13-14, 2014, showcasing exciting speakers, networking opportunities, skills development opportunities for young entrepreneurs and others. The Summit also provided a platform to agree on an action plan to build and fully leverage the conditions for entrepreneurial success.

Futurpreneur Canada is synthesizing the collaborative discussions held at the Summit into an action plan to provide a roadmap and collective commitment to advance entrepreneurship in Canada. To be published in the coming months, the action plan will be distributed widely across Futurpreneur Canada’s network.

The Action Entrepreneurship initiative engaged over 1,000 entrepreneurs and leaders.

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