The Big Idea Labs

What is The Big Idea Labs?

The Big Idea Labs is a series of workshop experiences licensed from the Innographer’s DIY Innovation ToolkitTM that help you turn your great idea into a new business or significantly deepen the potential impact of your existing business. It includes three workshops called The Idea Kicker, The Idea Booster, and The Customer Deep Dive that can be taken in the order that best suits your own entrepreneurial situation and learning goals.

Why attend?

  • Be more innovative.
  • Have greater impact.
  • Be inspired.

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What do I take first?

You can experience the workshops in any order and where you start might depend on your own situation and your entrepreneurial learning goals:

Have a hunch for a new business? (Or want to develop one?) Want to start learning about the processes and mindsets associated with Innovation Design and Idea Modeling?

You might want to start with the Idea Kicker.

Already have a solid venture idea in hand? Maybe you’ve even started working on your business plan. Or do you already have one of the other workshops behind you and want to go deeper with your understanding of Innovation Design and Idea Modeling?

You might want to start with the Idea Booster.

Want to know your customer in great depth? (And confirm that you have the right customer? Or the right venture, for that matter?) Or maybe you have a so-called “technology push” business?

You might want to start with the Customer Deep Dive.

Can I take all three?

Sure! Make sure you experience what serves you and your entrepreneurial situation best. Taking all three workshops will provide a rich experience and help you move an early stage idea through to deeply impactful high potential business. Either way you can expect to gain unique skills and have your mindset and approach gently challenged in a way that leads you to design and take forward high impact ventures.

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Who’s behind it?

Presented by Futurpreneur Canada in partnership with The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), The Big Idea Labs is based on The Innographer’s DIY Innovation ToolkitTM. It is developed by Dr. Alex Bruton, an entrepreneur and award-winning educator who has worked with and spoken at organizations all over the world. Behind the engaging interactions is a simple, visually-engaging, and rigorous framework that provides the
backbone of the workshops and a pioneering approach to innovating for really big value.