The Big Idea Labs

It takes some 3,000 raw ideas to yield just one success and only 6% of successes turn out to have high impact!

What is The Big Idea Labs?

The Big Idea Labs is a series of workshop experiences licensed from the Innographer’s DIY Innovation ToolkitTM, developed by Dr. Alex Bruton, an entrepreneur and award-winning educator. The workshop series help you turn your great idea into a new business or significantly deepen the potential impact of your existing business.

Workshop Picker:

The Big Idea Labs workshops are non-sequential. You should select the workshop(s) that apply to you, based on the stage of your idea or business. Taking all three workshops will provide the best experience if you’re looking to move an early stage idea to a high-impact business, but it is not a requirement.

Through this opportunity you may be able to apply for up to $45,000 in financing with access to a mentor to launch your business idea with Futurpreneur Canada.

Interested in attending?  We have workshops running every month.

Time: Each workshop is to run from 9:00am-2:00pm

Location: 133 Richmond Street West, Suite 700, Toronto ON M5H 2L3

Please note that a registration fee of $20 applies per workshop to cover the cost of materials. A light lunch will also be provided.

Limited space available.

For more information, please contact Sue Christensen at