Are you new to Canada?

Are you also between 18-39 years old and have been in Canada for less than 60 months? Do you have a great business idea but are looking for guidance to launch your business? Futurpreneur Canada understands the challenges associated with bringing a business idea to life and is here to help you realize your dreams of entrepreneurship.

We provide newcomers with:

  • Start-up resources for perfecting your business plan;
  • Mentoring – we hand-match you with a mentor in your community;
  • Financing of up to $45,000 (for newcomers with Canadian credit history), or up to $15,000 (for newcomers who haven’t established Canadian credit history);
  • Expertise and Resources to help you get connected and grow a successful business.

Our innovative and flexible services are designed to address the common challenges entrepreneurs may face in the early stages, and we provide the vital support and guidance needed for long-term success – which includes helping you better understand Canadian business customs and overcoming language and cultural challenges.

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Featured success story: InsurEye Inc.

For Alexey and his business partner Dmitry Mityagin, their most powerful moment as entrepreneurs was “when people whom you didn’t know used your services, came back and thanked you, saying it was very helpful and to keep up the good work,” explained Alexey. “It is very motivating and gives us energy to innovate further!”
- Alexey Saltykov, InsurEye Inc.
Futurpreneur Canada young entrepreneur, ON