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We provide young entrepreneurs aged 18-39 with:

Futurpreneur Canada understands young and emerging entrepreneurs, and we have been working together to help increase their chances of success since 1996. Our innovative and flexible services are designed to address the common challenges entrepreneurs may face in the early stages, and we provide the vital support and guidance needed for long-term success.

Are you in the skilled trades and interested in gaining the entrepreneurial skills you need to start a business?
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Featured success story: Growing City

Lisa von Sturmer Lisa von Sturmer was inspired to go into the business of composting after spending a week at a cabin on Desolation Sound, where composting is mandatory. After seeing how much organic waste ended up in office trash, Lisa saw an opportunity to create a business and help the planet at the same time.

What our entrepreneurs say…

“Futurpreneur Canada has truly exceeded my expectations! The support from the very start has been amazing and prepared me for the real world after launching my business plan. I’m happy to say that I continually recommend Futurpreneur Canada to other entrepreneurs I encounter.”

- Brittany Hopkins, Anice Jewellery,
Futurpreneur Canada young entrepreneur, ON