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Eyewear Evolution

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  • Owner:

    Sean Sylvestre

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  • Mentor:

    Rick Findlay

  • Industry:

    Health and Wellness

  • Location:

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Business Profile

Eyewear Evolution’s solution is centred around the company’s proprietary Virtual Mirror and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology platform, which allows customers to virtually try-on eyeglasses using their own photos or videos captured either in-store, or through their personal Smartphone, Tablet or Personal Computer. The software guides the customer through the sales process while offering product suggestions (based on optical criteria), thus empowering the customer to solicit feedback of themselves wearing various frame options via the posting of these images directly to their personal social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

My Story

Innovating the family business

Three years ago, while running his family's optical business, Sean noticed a shift in consumer buying behavior. Consumers were becoming incresingly price conscious and thus more and more customers were buying their eyewear online. This market shift meant that the business model Sean’s family had used for years needed to be updated in order to remain competitive.

Eyewear Evolution represented a solution for dealing with online eyewear retail competition for his family's traditional ‘brick and mortar’ business. As Sean began to flesh out his concept further, he quickly realized that the problem he was solving was not unique to his family business but rather one faced by the entire industry. With this realization he began developing his company as a solution for all traditional optical retailers.

“I throughly enjoy the challenge of problem-solving and looking for new and more effective ways to do business. It is what drives me as an entrepreneur,” explained Sean. His entrepreneurial passion is also fueled by the feedback and excitement he has felt from various industry professionals who have heard his vision and seen his product.


You really need to believe in what you have built and love the business you have developed, because there will be some very hard falls along the path to success, and without that belief and love, you will likely stumble and perhaps quit. ”