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Kevin Alto of Alto Collective. / Kevin Alto, d'Alto Collective. Linda Garson Andrew White of Char Technologies. / Andrew White, de Char Technologies. Kamlesh Lal of Notetracks. / Kamlesh Lal, de Notetracks. Nicole Verkindt of Offset Market Exchange (OMX). / Nicole Verkindt, d'Offset Market Exchange (OMX). Kendal Netmaker of Neechie Gear. / Kendal Netmaker, de Neechie Gear. Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed of Wear Your Label. / Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed of Wear Your Label. Roxanne Tétreault of Esprits Libres Communications. / Roxanne Tétreault, d'Esprits Libres Communications.

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Being a mentor is a really rewarding experience and I urge people to consider becoming one. I have become a better manager and achieved better business results because of Futurpreneur Canada. I never expected to gain so much for being a mentor. I thought I was going to do the giving. Being a Futurpreneur Canada is one of the smartest things I have ever done!”

Rosemarie Enslin
Rosemarie Enslin