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Samantha Chan of Paintlounge. / Samantha Chan, de Paintlounge. Penny Tremblay headshot. / Portrait de Penny Tremblay. Mike Booth of Massage Athletica. / Mike Booth, de Massage Athletica. Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio. / Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio. Chris Johnson of Permission Click Inc. / Chris Johnson, de Permission Click inc. Dr. Benjamin Stevens of Valeo Health Clinic. / Dr Benjamin Stevens, de la clinique Valeo Health Jenviev Azzolin of Pplconnect. / Jenviev Azzolin, de Pplconnect. Kimberly Cope of Early Entrepreneurs Inc. / Kimberly Cope, d'Early Entrepreneurs inc.

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A mentor is a guide. Every human being has some quality or qualities that make them special. It is with this knowledge and cultivation that they can acquire the self-knowledge and self-confidence to succeed. A little of your guidance and time can go a long way. ”

Lana Pinsky
Lana Pinsky