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Jeremy O’Krafka of MENTORNetwork. / Jeremy O’Krafka, de MENTORNetwork. Bryan McCrea and Evan Willoughby of 3twenty Solutions Inc. / Bryan McCrea et Evan Willoughby, de 3twenty Solutions inc. Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed of Wear Your Label. / Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed of Wear Your Label. Ilana Ben-Ari of 21 Toys Inc. / Ilana Ben-Ari, de 21 Toys inc. Kimberly Cope of Early Entrepreneurs Inc. / Kimberly Cope, d'Early Entrepreneurs inc. Lily Tse of Think Dirty Inc. / Lily Tse, de Think Dirty inc. Kamlesh Lal of Notetracks. / Kamlesh Lal, de Notetracks. Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio. / Lee Buckland of Toneland Studio.

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My biggest advice would be to deeply evaluate what you want to accomplish as an entrepreneur before starting. You’ll face many difficult times and that’s the only way to keep going. Be passionate about what you’re doing. Join different networks and talk about your idea with as many people as possible. You need to go outside yourself and challenge your idea! And most importantly, take your time. I feel that when you have money, you’ll go faster but then your idea does not have enough time to evolve.”

Ludiwine Clouzot of Ecoloodi. / Ludiwine Clouzot, d'Ecoloodi.
Ludiwine Clouzot Ecoloodi