CYBF is proud of our partnerships with community organizations all across Canada.  That’s why we make sure to recognize them with our “Outstanding Community Partner” awards.  In 2009, we celebrated Ontario’s Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre (HSBEC) as one of our community partners who goes above and beyond the call of duty, awarding them with both the National and the Ontario Outstanding Community Partner award.

Read on, and see why this amazing organization deserves your attention.

Chris Farrell has seen a lot of future business owners walk through the doors of Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre.

Taking over as Acting Coordinator during Kristin Hugenbois’ maternity leave, Chris says she enjoys being able to help people turn their business idea into a reality, mentioning that she finds sometimes people aren’t aware of just what it takes to become your own boss.

“The thing with young entrepreneurs is that they have these great ideas and skills, but they don’t know all the details that they need to start a business – just like anyone beginning an enterprise.”

Thinking about her new role, Chris says entrepreneurship needs to be developed across the country.  Taking a moment to compose her thoughts, she adds many Canadians don’t seem to realize the ripple effect of entrepreneurship

One little idea can turn into employment for so many people.  It’s kind of cool to think of that.  All these little ideas can make a huge different in the economy,” Chris says, describing the networking skills she also sees in start-ups. “I find with young entrepreneurs, they’re really eager to find little pockets of other business owners that they can network with.  They really cross refer with each others services. They look for those low cost ways of getting the word out about their business, and getting customers, and building strong relationships with their customers.  They create their own little community.”

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