As a former curling world champion and Olympic curling coach, Colin Davison knows all about hard work and dedication. The man behind Calgary’s Stealth Acoustical & Emission Control Inc. compares the commitment and devotion he needed as skip of the 1994 World Curling Championship team to the traits necessary to launch and support a new business.

Colin Davison of Stealh Acoustical & Emission Control Inc.

The young entrepreneur was inspired to launch Stealth after working in the oil, gas and mining industry. Colin saw a hole in the marketplace in terms of reducing emissions and noise pollution. Putting in long hours and making personal and financial sacrifices, Colin has turned Stealth from a small start-up consulting firm into a multi-million dollar company offering clients a complete consulting, design and manufacturing base, all while making the world a cleaner and quieter place.

A young business owner who has struggled, persevered and now seen tremendous accomplishment, Colin says that while Canada needs more entrepreneurs, people need to know what they are getting into.

“I love being an entrepreneur.  I love the effort it takes day in and say out to challenge yourself to the core of your spirit,” admits Colin, his competitive drive from his curling days still obvious. “But being an entrepreneur is not like any other career. You need to encourage the heck out of people who have decided they are committed enough to becoming an entrepreneur, that they have enough drive to reach their goals.”

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