The quality of a sound system can make or break an event.  Everyone has been to a function, show or concert where a crackling mic, spotty speakers or ear-piecing feedback has marred the whole experience – both for the attendees and the hosts.

Emily Porter and Stefan Lenzi of Dual Audio Services

As the owners of Toronto’s Dual Audio Services, Emily Porter and Stefan Lenzi prevent these kinds of auditory disasters. With years of experience working in the audio system industry and extensive contacts with production houses and venues, the business partners knew they had what it takes to set up their own shop.

“It was an incredible moment the first time we introduced ourselves and the company to someone and they replied ‘Oh yeah! I heard good things about you as the new guy in town,’” says Emily, adding that as entreprenurs, she and Stefan have been able to combine their passion with their profession while helping the local artistic community.

“Through our business, we’re able to give small and midsize theatres access to professional audio equipment and we often provide in-kind sponsorship to charitable, student, community and/or independent theater events and organizations. We want to build a company that makes quality audio equipment accessible to everyone.”

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