With environmental awareness a hot topic these days, Keesha Rosario of Pitt Meadow’s SMART Watering Systems makes life a little easier for people interested in water conservation and sustainable irrigation. SMART Watering Systems helps clients use water more efficiently by conducting water audits and assessments. (The company also specializes in remote monitoring of irrigation systems.)

Keesha’s first step on the path to entrepreneurship began after a conversation with a former university classmate, the founder of SMART Watering Systems. Married to an entrepreneur, Keesha already knew the importance of small business owners to the economy.  But by owning and launching Western Canada’s version of SMART Watering Systems, she could combine building her own business with another important cause – environmental awareness and sustainable irrigation.

“With the combination of ‘making a difference” and “water conservation & efficiency,” it was the perfect fit,” says Keesha. “With each client, I make a difference, whether its helping the environement, helping the client save money on water ususage, or even just making someone more aware of the importance of water conservation.”

An active volunteer with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, and obviously passionate about the environement, Keesha is also devoted to entrepreneurship, encouraging  other young Canadians to “carve their own path.”

“Entrepreneurship creates a sense of empowerment, freedom and opportunity that otherwise may not be obtainable,” urges Keesha. “We can shape change and impact people, families and youth through innovative businesses. Considering we spend the majority of our waking hours at work, why not make a difference and work for yourself?”

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