Nicolas Bergeron always knew that one day he would run his own business.

“I’m not cut out to work for somebody else,” says the owner of Sainte Julie, QC-based Caméléo Photo, a web-based photography software company. “I have to be fully responsible for my successes and failures.”

Nicolas Bergeron of Caméléo Photo

Since launching the unique photo application which allows photos taken on a green screen to be customized with hundreds of backgrounds, Nicolas has been responsible for plenty more successes than he has failures.  The young business owner has seen the sales of Caméléo Photo double each year since the business opened its doors in 2006. The rapid growth has allowed Nicolas to expand the Caméléo Photo empire to include seven franchises – six in Canada and one in the United States.

Nicolas takes pride in the fact that through his business, he has been able to create 42 jobs in communities across the continent.

“Entreprenuers today are creating the Canada of tomorrow. By running my own business, I’m not only able to achieve my dreams, but I can create an environment where my employees are honestly happy to work for me.”

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