Yan and Sébastien Gagnon began their entrepreneurial journey as a favour to a family member.

The brothers first went into business after their uncle’s cottage was repeatedly robbed, with no way of identifying a suspect. Since the cottage had no electricity, a traditional security system wasn’t an option, so the two designed a battery-operated motion detector and security camera. Following another robbery, the intruders were caught on camera and identified, and the idea of GG Telecom was born. Today, GG Telecom’s wireless motion detectors, battery-powered surveillance cameras and accessories are sold in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Yan and Sébastien Gagnon of GG Telecom

“It’s really amazing, knowing that we started with nothing, and now we are hitting millions in sales with overseas clients,” says Yan, a note of awe still in his voice. “We’ve watched the business grow… our sales have doubled each year, and we never expected that.”

Sébastien adds that their success is even sweeter after the time and effort they put into building their business.

“The advantages of entrepreneurship are that you control your own future,” Sébastien says. “As an entrepreneur, you have the satisfaction of earning your own money, not someone else’s, put your talent to use, and most importantly, you do something you truly enjoy.”

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