Alex Stuart and Justin Phillips of Global Wind Group

Alex Stuart and Justin Phillips of Global Wind Group

The question of how to produce clean, renewable energy is one that has been asked around the world, and Winnipeg’s Global Wind Group has the answer.

The brains behind the business, Alex Stuart and Justin Phillips, were always inspired by entrepreneurs, both the success stories and the failures. They respected the courage and creativity needed to launch a business. They were also frustrated at their own jobs, knowing that by working for someone else, the harder they worked, the more money their employer made.

After years of working for “the man”, Alex and Justin decided it was time to take control of their own fate, and start working for themselves. Seeing the rapid growth of the renewable energy market, Alex and Justin focused on developing small-wind turbines to make clean energy more accessible.

Beyond the financial opportunities of being entrepreneurs in a high-growth industry, Alex and Justin are proud of what they can do for their community as the creators of Global Wind Group.

“Global Wind Group Inc. has the opportunity to significantly improve the world. There are so many people across the world who do not have access to electricity or telecommunications,” Justin explains. “The small village in Africa doesn’t need giant wind turbines producing industrial-grade electricity, they need lights for the school house and an Internet café where the local people can sell their goods online and research better agricultural techniques. Our business has the opportunity to improve our lives and those around us.”

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