First classmates, now business partners, Dan Robinson and Chad Fischl of Saskatoon’s Shutout Solutions Inc. were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in university. Assigned to create a hypothetical business plan for creating and distributing a line of sports cleaning products, the two saw potential for something beyond a passing grade.

Three years after that inspirational class project, Shoutout Solutions’ patented Nano Silver cleaning products are now carried in stores across North America, making sport equipment and gym bags everywhere smell a little fresher.

On their journey to success, Chad and Dan have faced their share of challenges (having their first product shipment turned back at the border was a definite learning experience for the new business owners) but both say the positives have far outweighed the difficulties.

“On a daily basis, both of us are able to do whatever needs to be done to accomplish our dreams, not someone else’s,” says Chad. “We have milestones and goals that may change over the years, but we are the ones who make those changes. Adaptability is key.  You need to be passionate about your business and have a strong vision of your long-term goals, but you have willing to make some changes.”

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