Delivering consistently superior customer service differentiates your business from competitors. Check out these suggestions creating a culture of exceptional customer service in your workplace.

1. Develop a customer service vision that clearly describes the level of service your company aims to deliver.

2. Exceed customer expectations. Customers will remember when you do this and will tell others about their positive experience.

3. Continually work towards improving the customer experience and reward employees for coming up with new ideas.

4. Create superior customer value by making your offers better than those of your competitors.

5. Solicit feedback from your customers, communicate this feedback to all employees and ensure action is taken on the feedback.

6. Be the expert on delivering superior customer service. Incorporate the best ideas, benchmark against top performers and make improving customer service a priority.

7. Train every employee to be a customer service champion and reward them for delivering.

8. Eliminate barriers to delivering superior customer service.

9. Create a program for systematically collecting and communicating the most important customer service delivery measurements.

10. Set an example by delivering excellent customer service to your employees. This means returning emails, showing up for meetings on time and acting professionally.

For more info, check out Martin Zwilling’s blog.

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