Starting a business can be hard.  Rewarding, but hard.

It’s even harder when you’re new to the country, unfamiliar with the business customs or without the right credit history to qualify for a loan. At CYBF, we recognize that newcomers to Canada need unique support and resources in order to start their own business.

That’s why I’m proud to announce the launch of our latest program, the CYBF Newcomer Entrepreneur Program.  Designed to help recent immigrants to Canada navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, the CYBF Newcomer Entrepreneur Program offers up to $15,000 in financing, helping newcomers develop the Canadian credit history and collateral they need to qualify for additional financing.  Experienced business mentors can guide recent immigrants through potential cultural issues and help them learn about doing business in Canada.

You can help CYBF support these enterprising new Canadians by sharing your advice for a newcomer entrepreneur through the Great Canadian Mentoring Challenge. Or by showing the varied faces of entrepreneurship in your neighbourhood through Show Us Your Entrepreneur, another Global Entrepreneurship Week Canada initiative.  Join CYBF as we work towards making Canada’s entrepreneurial community as diverse as the rest of our communities.

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