Fizul Sima, Ontario Region South, Toronto, ON, CYBF Mentor

There may be a period where you have to hire people to assist with your business. The employee contract is a critical document that can give the employer an advantage if drafted properly.

The employer can add the right to change the employee’s duties as required. This is important if your business is doing well and then additional duties may be required for this position. However, if your business is struggling, the work duties may need to be reduced.

The employer can add the right to change the hours of work without notice and the right to temporarily lay off an employee. Sometimes as an entrepreneur, there is so much work that the business has, that additional hours are required to meet the demands of the business. On the other hand, business may be slow and it is important for the business to then reduce hours or even temporarily lay off.

Additionally, you may wish to test the employee over a certain time period to see if the employee is a good fit with your business. For this to happen, it is important to add a probationary period the contract.

These were a few important items to consider before hiring a new employee.

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