Christiana Mbazigwe, Duric Business Solutions, Toronto, ON, CYBF Mentor

Team-building and effective leadership are both necessary to grow your team. As an entrepreneur, you are a business team leader and builder. Below are ideas and excerpts on leadership from Frances Hesslbeinin her book My Life in Leadership.

Find the best minds in your field and make them your mentor: Learn from them by reading their books, making personal contact and more.

Let go of hierarchy: Develop circular management. This liberates the energy of people and the human spirit.

Make learning central to your mission: Invest time and money in the training and development of your team. “The first item in your budget should be learning, education, and the development of your people.”

Respect the feelings of your team members: Be sure you are respecting those that are satisfied with what you do and those that are not.

Do your research before planning long-term: Be a believer in research before change. Research should include listening to team members and to other stakeholders such as customers, investors and mentors. Focus your plans on their needs, not on your own assumptions. If you’re not great at doing research, hire experts to research for you and run pilots to test ideas and programs.

Be a good team player and you’ll grow a winning team.

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