The Canadian Youth Business Foundation has selected 30 dynamic young Canadian entrepreneurs to form the official Canadian delegation at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 YES) in Nice, France on October 31-November 2, 2011. The G20 YES is an annual international summit that brings together dedicated and influential entrepreneurs of the G20 countries. Martin Park is a Canadian delegate.

  • My motto: “Solve the problem!”
    • “We’re not curing cancer here people!”
    • “I trust you to make the decision.”
    • “Business is people, try running one without them.”
    • “Business is tough, you need a team of support that can help guide you through.”
  • Company name:  Evolve Business Group Inc.
  • Activity: Coaching/Training
  • Number of employees: 7
  • Headquarters’ Address: Ste 500, 1812 – 4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, T2S 1W1
  • Website:

Why I became an entrepreneur:

I became an entrepreneur at the age of 21. I was tired of the mass production approach to university and questioned the relevance of what I learning. I was invited to start a software company with a friend and after two lunches and a beer meeting was convinced it sounded better than finishing up my final year for my Bachelor of Commerce degree. We got the idea for the type of software from an article in a magazine that was cutting-edge and the article indicated this software would revolutionize business (Interactive Voice Response technology). My business partner was referred to a developer who turned out to be a wizard and the company was off and running.

My best moment as an entrepreneur, my success:

One of my best moments was when I won the award for the North America Business Coach of the Year with the international company I was with. There were 1,000 coaching offices globally and I won for North America putting me in the top six operations globally. I received the award in New Zealand.

Another great experience has been building and owning my own restaurants. Seeing the dream go from a paper drawing to a full working, staffed operation that employs many people is absolutely amazing.

My next challenge:

I am now looking into businesses that I can acquire to grow and sell. I am also personally stepping away from coaching client companies empowering my team to take that over. I will operate as a coach of coaches and an entrepreneur who coaches the managers of his operations.

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