Meet Chris and Steve of burger55

Wasabi cream. Caramel apple BBQ sauce. Grilled peach.

While they may not be your typical burger toppings, these intriguing ingredients are creating quite the buzz for Penticton, BC-based burger55.

The idea for this a classic burger joint with a gourmet twist came to long-time friends Chris Boehm and Steve Jones during a trip to Las Vegas. While driving and talking about the possibility of opening a hamburger restaurant, they passed a 55 speed limit sign. With that, their business name was born.

Having finally realized their dream of running their own business, Chris and Steve are embracing everything entrepreneurship brings them.

“We love being entrepreneurs because we are the boss,” explains Chris Boehm. “But more importantly, its amazing to see our idea become a reality and for it to be enjoyed by so many people. Being able to call the shots, develop as a business and experience all the ups and downs are all factors that make being an entrepreneur a fantastic experience.”

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