Speed Learning

Ian Graham, The Code Factory, Ottawa, ON, CYBF Mentor

The way we learn is rapidly shifting from passive to active. Traditional media (newspapers, magazines and books) could be considered as passive learning methods. Passive learning is unidirectional, not time-sensitive and principally an individual experience.  Active learning has sprouted up in the past decade and is primarily based on digital and social media.  Active learning is more time-sensitive and interactive. It is achieved through a variety of digital and social media sources and often happens in a social environment.

How do you tap into this torrent of active learning?

Here are two techniques I use:

Google Reader

Google Reader is a web-based RSS feed aggregator that can read all your blog feeds and collect and store them into a single reference source. You can access information stored in Google Reader on your own time. It is great for following blogs and Twitter keywords and you should make a habit of checking it periodically for updates.

Twitter Reading List

You can use the Twitter ‘Lists’ feature to make a list of the Twitter thought-leaders that you follow. You can check the list from time to time for interesting links leading you to great posts, articles, videos and almost everything in digital media format.

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