Gratitude in business

Shauna Madsen, Microbusiness Training Centre, Edmonton, AB, CYBF Mentor

As Wallace Wattles puts it “The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, therefore it will receive the best”.

Gratitude is the common principal that resonates in every happy, successful businessperson I have ever known. These individuals are grateful to the clients who patronize their businesses, thankful to those who have supported them throughout their journey and appreciate every lesson learned through poor choices or unfortunate circumstances.

I appreciate every client who chooses to work with me – because they do not have to. There are others who can facilitate a business planning program or workshop, or who can design publications. Yet, the people I work with in either capacity have chosen to work with me and my company. I let them know that I appreciate them.

Gratitude keeps you connected to the positive experience, which attracts more experiences or scenarios to be grateful for – like attracts like.

I recently tried a new hair stylist and left a handsome tip when he finished my cut and style. I put the cash on his table before he walked me to the door. I thanked him and told him he did a great job. He never said thank you for the compliment or for doing business with him.  When it was time for a trim I thought I’d give him another try and returned for a cut five weeks later. As before, he did a great job but did not once express any appreciation for my decision to return as a customer and again I left him a 35% tip.

What began with the potential for a great customer relationship fell flat and I won’t be returning.

Saying thank you is easy, being thankful is transparent and people like to do business with others who are genuinely appreciative.

Gratitude nurtures a higher level of quality in everything you do and everything you offer. It is a genuine expression that adds value to all relationships and roots you in the moment.

Communication is the key to every successful business and when you communicate from a position of gratitude, the payback is a hundredfold. Focus on your top ten favourite customers, think about why you are thankful for them and then send them a card to let them know that you appreciate them and why. Your message will resonate with them for days after. You will have added value to their day for which they can, in turn, be grateful.

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