Need something from your mentor? Just ask!

Bobby Umar, P. Eng, MBA, Raeallan, Toronto, ON, CYBF Mentor

Finding a mentor is like finding a champion for your greatest cause: YOU. The key to actually getting a mentor to agree to work with you is to do what most other people do not do – just ask!

As a mentor, I find it very rewarding to share my knowledge, experience and passion with people that are interested in receiving it. But it still surprises me that so many of the people I mentor shy away from asking me too much.

If you want to leverage the mentorship then do not be afraid to ask. Ask for honesty, ask for help and ask for complete openness. Your mentor can easily decide for him or herself what they want to give and share, but sometimes, they do not know what you want from them.

Do whatever you can to create a solid relationship with your mentor and leverage their help as must as you can. You may not have another chance to get that caliber of dedicated support for yourself and your business. Mentors may get busy or distracted. Life can sometimes take over. But know that mentors are available everywhere. You just have to ask.

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