Good Morning! Happy Tuesday everybody. We hope that everyone had a wonderful long weekend. Even though it isn’t Monday I came across this article today and I couldn’t resist. The focus was on an entrepreneur that has survived and thrived in his industry even when the odds were against him.

Richard Branson

Embracing the music industries ever changing market Richard Branson saw an opportunity to change and embraced it. From new technologies to basic business remodeling Branson takes us into the life of Virgin Records with his book Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur (Virgin Books, 2010).

His entrepreneurial drive can resonate with all entrepreneurs across all industries. An edited excerpt from his book Branson comments on what it takes for small music businesses to be successful. “Those smaller companies will have to discover genuine talent, which is the reason many people who are passionate about music choose careers in the industry. And with all that energy and zeal, there’s no telling what some entrepreneurs will achieve next.”

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