To Inc. or not to Inc. – that is the question…

Starting a business comes with many decisions. Many of these decisions are made to try and lead your company down the ‘right path’ to success. The question of incorporating always come into play. Whether or not to do so and/or when to incorporate your company is key. Here is some information to get your research started.

Three common forms of business ownership in Canada:
1. a sole proprietorship, which is owned by one person
2. a partnership, which is owned by two or more people
3. a corporation, which can be owned by any number of people.

The main difference is the liability that lies on the business or the business owner. Separating the line between who is liable and who isnt. Entreprenuers who incorporate their business can be protected from personal liability.

Find out more infomation on when you should start to consider incorporating, .

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