Written by: Crystal Ellis

It probably comes as no surprise that volunteering is beneficial for the community, the volunteer organization, and for your own personal growth.  But did you know that implementing a company-sponsored volunteer program for your business has many benefits as well?

For your business, supporting volunteerism is both externally and internally beneficial while also being a great opportunity for your employees to enrich their lives.  Externally, your business will be seen in the community as a one that cares about where you are operating and about engaging with this community. This helps to build a positive reputation for your business and generates media attention to showcase it and the causes you are supporting.  An added external benefit is the word of mouth generated from passionate employees who are excited to be part of the company volunteer initiative.

Internal benefits of volunteer programs are noticeably reflected in the attitudes, productivity and job satisfaction of company employees. According to the study, programs can improve your rating as an employer of choice, increase job satisfaction and generate positive word of mouth from employees about their employer. These lead to higher retention rates, greater employee engagement, and also a stronger ability to attract new employees. Prospective employees will likely be those that are interested and engaged, and see your company as a step for professional growth and a way to contribute to the community.

With so many positive outcomes, you should consider implementing a volunteer program in your organization.  Get out there, have fun, and get your employees involved – it’ll feel great to give back to the community as a team!

To learn more about how to become a socially-minded business, look for upcoming CYBF workshops across Alberta in 2012.

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