Join us on May 5, 2011 12:30 EST with a webinar that will ramp up your sales with targeted, low cost/no cost marketing strategies. Increase profits by reducing your marketing budget. Achieve both with the tactics learned at this seminar. We’ll discuss:

•         The basic marketing rules you need to know.
•         How to target your marketing effort for a high return on your investment.
•         How to conduct market research.
•         How to identify your key differentiators – an essential for your marketing plan.
•         How to develop a strategic marketing plan.
•         Online and offline marketing tools to consider in your plan.

Attend this seminar to learn how to make your marketing dollars get big results.

Webinar Leader
Andrew Patricio is an owner of a company that trains, coaches and mentors Entrepreneurs.  BizLaunch presents practical webinars, seminars and coaching for entrepreneurs.  BizLaunch is the largest private provider of training for small business in Canada. Andrew is the author of  two books on small business and has started 7 businesses of his own and worked with entrepreneurs in Canada, Russia, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Korea, USA, Holland, Namibia, Belgium, USA, Barbados and South Africa.

In order to register, please follow these steps:
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Step 2: Select meeting center tab
Step 3: Select the monthly tab to find the event on May 5, 2011
Step 4: Register and tune in!

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