Cathy Yeomans, Imagine Public Relations, White Rock, BC,

You’ve built your website, sent out your marketing material, gone to all the networking meetings and now the clients are coming in! To keep track of the jobs, you’ve written them all on a big whiteboard for the month and now you’re busy working away.

Next month comes and you check out the new jobs on the board. But to your chagrin, you notice there are no new jobs, customers or clients. The board is blank. So what happened?  You were so busy working in your business that you forgot to work on it!

To continue to grow your business, you should always be marketing and promoting yourself while working. Working on your business also means handling the day-to-day operations.  Who does the sales calls, the invoicing, the accounting, the filing? Until you grow, it’s probably you. So continue to network, market yourself, volunteer and just keep working ON your business…you’ll see your monthly whiteboard stay full, and most of all, the cheques filling your mailbox!

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