The Canadian Youth Business Foundation has selected 20 dynamic young Canadian entrepreneurs to form the official Canadian delegation at 2012 G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 YES) in Mexico City, Mexico on June 3 -5, 2012. The G20 YES is an annual international summit that brings together dedicated and influential entrepreneurs of the G20 countries. Bryan McCrea is a Canadian delegate.

First name / last name: Bryan McCrea

My motto: Entrepreneurship is the act of creating value out of nothing.

My Company
Name: 3twenty Solutions Inc.
Activity: 3twenty Solutions is a designer and manufacturer of modular structures used for work force housing and offices in the mining, oil & gas, and construction industries.
Number of employees: 15 and looking for more!
Headquarters’ Address: Box 25040, Saskatoon SK, S7K 8B7

My life as an entrepreneur
The Trigger: Why did you become an entrepreneur:  I became an entrepreneur to have fun every day while hopefully finding a way to make the world a better place.

My best moment as an entrepreneur, my success: 
My best moments as an entrepreneur are the times when others are inspired to be entrepreneurs.

My next challenge:
We are focused on growing to become a global leader in modular building technology – so our challenge is growing quickly, smartly, and profitably.

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