Dr. Wael Badawy, IntelliView Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB; Umm Al Qura University, KSA; badawy@intelliview.ca, CYBF Mentor

The answer to this tough question is “YES!” Entrepreneurship can be learned and it should be, as doing business in different areas entails different levels of complexity, due to the localization.

Using the simple definition of an ‘entrepreneur,’ it means someone who has a vision, that can organize, manage and assume the risks of a business. Entrepreneurs can be taught different types of management, organization and methodologies of how to assess different levels of risk. S/he can also be trained in how to build an investor pitch and the various formats to approach sophisticated investors or channel partners.

On the other hand, we can visualize entrepreneurs as team leaders, teaching their team concepts of entrepreneurship that will facilitate the communications between different team members and also setting expectations for the future.

Now although entrepreneurship can be taught, can we guarantee success?  Unfortunately, the answer to that is ‘No,’ since success is never guaranteed. Successful enterprise is all about the passion of the founders, who eat, sleep and breathe their business, which is something that cannot be taught.

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