Vishal Badiani, Sheridan College, Milton, ON, CYBF volunteer

At a recent Milton Toastmasters meeting, a colleague shared with our group the story about the amazing Chinese bamboo tree.

The growth pattern of this tree is remarkable. Plant a bamboo sprout in the ground and for four or five years (sometimes much longer), nothing happens. You water and fertilize; water and fertilize, over and over again but you see no visible evidence that anything is happening. Nothing!

However, in approximately the fifth year things change dramatically. In a six-week period the Chinese bamboo tree grows to a staggering ninety feet tall – that’s right, ninety feet tall! Wikipedia suggests that the tree has been measured to grow 122 cm (48 inches), in a 24 hour period and can reach a maximum growth rate of 99 cm (39 inches), per hour for short periods of time.

It seems incredible that a plant that lies dormant for years can suddenly explode with growth, but it happens without fail with Chinese bamboo trees.

Starting your own business is very similar. We often water and fertilize; water and fertilize our ideas over and over again and for months nothing seems to take place. However, by staying focused and working towards your goal, remarkable growth can take place in a staggering manner within a short period of time – just like the Chinese bamboo tree.

About: Vishal Badiani teaches entrepreneurship and ecommerce at Sheridan College in Ontario. Author of Social Media Remix, an ebook on increasing your business using social media, Vishal also started his own real estate business and founded Events on Hand, a mobile application for the event industry. Connect with Vishal on LinkedIN.

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