Karen Milde, Reframe Marketing, Vancouver, BC, CYBF Mentor

Certain aspects of entrepreneurship can be learned through trial and error, mentoring, and family experience. The passion however, and the ability to identify trends, predict profitability and identify potential markets are traits that are not easily learned by everyone.

What I envision is that entrepreneurship can be learned, but that is only the academic aspect of things. What a true entrepreneur needs to do is convert that academic knowledge into something tangible and put their own spin on things. Not only that, even the best entrepreneurs in the world are constantly learning and improving themselves (also known as lifelong learning), because things are always changing at an ever rapid pace. What may have worked 30 years ago may not be effective now.

In addition, risk taking while a company is going under is not something everyone can continue to push through. Most of the time an entrepreneur is not focused on what is happening right in front of them but instead, always focused on the end goal which is the opportunity to ride the next big wave.

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