Inspired at the Launch Pad

When you’re starting a business, there are countless hours spent hacking away on your product, developing a solid business plan, building sophisticated financial projections [insert the million other things entrepreneurs do]. But then there are moments when you get to stop, breathe and meet people that can make a real difference in your business. People who are like-minded, who have done this all before and succeeded. And more importantly, people who have the wisdom and desire to help you achieve amazing results. This was our experience meeting the Spin Master & CYBF teams at the Launch Pad workshop.

About a year ago, we started pplconnect with the vision to transform the mobile industry by giving users worldwide access to their smartphone data (from calls to texts to contacts and more) from any device. In practical terms what this means, is users are no longer dependent on their smartphone to access their information, with pplconnect everything is accessible through the web. Winning the Spin Master Innovation Fund and being recognized as one of Canada’s most innovative new start-ups has had an important impact on our business.

The Spin Master Innovation Fund is one of the only programs in Canada that funds early stage innovation and truly encourages entrepreneurial prowess. What’s more, the Launch Pad workshop is designed to help match entrepreneurs with accomplished Spin Master executives, providing the insights and knowledge we need to grow. As Odette Levy said during the workshop, “Being surrounded by the right people makes a huge difference when you’re starting a business.” We feel fortunate for the opportunity to exchange business ideas with Spin Master’s finest and inspired by the Spin Master entrepreneurial success story.

Jenviev Azzolin & Denzil D’Sa, founders of pplconnect

@jenazzolin @reekooh @ppl_connect

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