Hamish Knox, Sandler Training, Calgary, AB, CYBF Young Entrepreneur

So you took the plunge into entrepreneurship. Congratulations. Your path may be difficult, but below are five guideposts that will make your path to success much smoother.

  1. Get comfortable with the idea of being in “sales.” You are now the chief sales person for your business. If this makes your guts twist, seek out a sales coach/trainer to help you.
  2. Double your projected expenses and cut your projected price in half. Pretend you had to double your sales to cover your expenses, what would you do?
  3. Create a weekly business activities plan. This was covered in detail in my last article, which you can read here.
  4. Be fanatically disciplined to your plan. If you abandon your map the first time you hit a wall, your journey to success will take much longer.
  5. Find a mentor (make that two). Grant someone permission to give you a kick in the butt or a pat on the back depending on the situation.

Follow these guideposts carefully and you will be well on your way to continued success!

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