The Canadian Youth Business Foundation has selected 20 dynamic young Canadian entrepreneurs to form the official Canadian delegation at 2012 G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 YES) in Mexico City, Mexico on June 3 -5, 2012. The G20 YES is an annual international summit that brings together dedicated and influential entrepreneurs of the G20 countries. Jean-Rene Lemire is a Canadian delegate.

First name / last name: Jean-René Lemire

My motto: “La constance c’est le changement.” (Change is constant)
“Our business is like classical music – practice, passion and rhythm is the key to execution!”

My Company
Name:  Vigneault Chocolatier Ltée
Activity: Organic chocolate production
Number of employees: 14
Headquarters’ Address: 1990-128 Cyrille Duquet, Québec, Québec, CANADA,  G1N 4K8

My life as an entrepreneur

The Trigger: Why did you become an entrepreneur:
Being an entrepreneur was the ideal way for me and my wife to accomplish our personal and our careers at the same time. Dreams are meant to be realized, and we did just that by becoming entrepreneurs. I had a great interest in creating and executing an innovative business model that respected people and the environment. This pushed me to become an entrepreneur.

My best moment as an entrepreneur, my success:
Other than seeing customers enjoy and appreciate our product, the things I like the best about being an entrepreneur is being able to share a respectful business culture with our team and collaborators and executing the Vigneault Chocolatier vision in North America and Europe.

My next challenge:
As a team leader, my next challenge is to ensure that Vigneault Chocolatier Ltée’s economic growth is in line with our innovation culture, mission and values. We maintain a deep respect for global challenges we are keeping this top of mind as our business model evolves and we move along the growth curve.

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