Hamish Knox, Sandler Training, Calgary, AB, CYBF Young Entrepreneur, hamish.sandler.com


When the calendar turns to July and August salespeople often say, “All my prospects are on vacation,” or “Why make calls, no one’s around.”

Preventing the summer sales blues involves accepting two simple principles. First, you can’t manage anything you can’t control (like the time of year) and second, you can do something about the thing you can control (your behavior).

At Sandler Training, your behavior plan is called a “cookbook.” Your cookbook should contain a specific number of active prospecting behaviors, such as prospecting calls, networking or referral requests you need to do on a weekly basis to hit your goals. Like the 15-mile march described in Jim Collin’s new book, Great by Choice, a good cookbook lays out exactly what you need to do weekly to keep your sales momentum going.

Contrary to popular belief, summer is often the best time to reach decision makers. They are in the office while their staff is away. Make a commitment to prospecting this summer and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your results.

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