Milan Vrekic, Mojo Labs Co. &, @truejebus, Halifax, NS, CYBF young entrepreneur

Not many people truly realize that email is not a safe way of transmitting information, since email is sent over the internet in plain-text format. What that means is that any tech-savvy individual between you and your recipient can intercept and read your email.

This complicates a lot of things, especially from the legal perspective. For example, while email is admissible in the court of law, it is treated as hear-say, meaning that if either party says something to effect of “I did not send that” or “I did not receive that,” the burden of proof is on you; and providing that proof can be very costly and time consuming as well.

For sensitive information, you should use tools such as TitanFile* or ShareFile as they provide detailed activity logs so you will know who, where, how and when access to your confidential information took place, thus minimizing risk for yourself and your company.

*Milan is the cofounder of TitanFile

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