Karen Milde, Reframe Marketing, Vancouver, BC, CYBF Mentor, www.reframemarketing.com


An elevator pitch is always a challenge to write for your very own company. Basically, you eat, live, and breathe your business everyday such that it is difficult to distill it down into a short, concise explanation. On top of that, it is sometimes very difficult to toot the horn of your own business. To make things even more challenging, you need several different elevator pitches in your back pocket to cater to various audiences.

Your elevator pitch should constantly evolve based on:

  • Directional changes within your company
  • New target markets
  • The audience you are trying to engage
  • New and improved technology
  • Ongoing customer feedback
  • Changes to industry jargon
  • Changes in the requirements of your elevator pitch

You may need to remember 5-7 elevator pitches at once, but if you really know the product and the organization and very much believe in both, your elevator pitches should become second nature. The last thing you want is for your elevator pitch to sound very memorized and canned. You want to be able to add your own personality and flare to it. When you are able to say your elevator pitch with passion is when you will sound most convincing. Remember the KISS Theory – Keep It Short and Sweet.

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