Creativity = Growth Potential²

Lets get down to basics…

Business development and entrepreneurship is not about P&Ls, Balance sheets and ROI ratios. It is about creativity.

As part of the Young Entrepreneur G20 Summit held in Mexico City, we had a very interesting discussion about the challenges of creating a healthy entrepreneurial culture within our own respective economic ecosystems. One of the major points that was addressed was the importance of implementing and nurturing the seeds of Entrepreneurship in all stage of human educational development, which means primary schooling until post secondary studies. The subject may seem harsh and complex: How do you teach a whole generation to think like entrepreneurs? The answer is however plain and simple: teach them to create.

When you create, you think.
When you think, you put things in perspective.
When you put things in perspective, you develop convictions.
With strong convictions, you foster your desire to improve the world around you.

Teach children to think about objects around them, and let them experiment with solutions they can find to improve these same objects. Teach teenagers to think outside the box, and they will find new ways of establishing the bases of tomorrow’s society. Nurture a strong mentoring platform so young entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders can share and benefit from each other’s perspectives.

When it comes to nurturing your own workforce, don’t only invest in their paychecks. Invest in their ideas, give your employees the opportunity to work on their own projects.  For example, Google and Ubisoft in Montreal, two world leading companies, have established alternative HR management which consists of allocating a certain percentage of every employee’s weekly working hours to the development of personal projects. Not only do you allow your employees to invest themselves in your company, which optimizes productivity and efficiency, but you also set your company to develop a greater number of concepts that could lead to exponential growth.

Think about that…

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