Adam Luo, Emperor’s Kitchen, Fredericton, NB, CYBF Young Entrepreneur

Social responsibility is and will continue to be a challenge for immigrant business owners and start-up business owners. Many of them think that they have a lot to do take care of for their business before they can even think incorporating social responsibility into it. That is not necessarily true. Others think that social responsibility requires a huge commitment. So for them, it’s all or nothing. However, there are things that every business can do.

I suggest small businesses start with the small stuff (biodegradable bags, recycle bins in the store, etc.) and make a big deal out of it. Every time a cashier rings a product in, that person should be telling the customer that your business uses biodegradable bags. Every time someone wants to throw an empty coke can into your garbage, show them your recycling bin for the cans.

Your customers will appreciate your efforts and you can feel proud knowing you are doing something to make the world we live in a better place. Don’t delay, start something small today!

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