Dr. Wael Badawy, IntelliView Technologies Inc. Calgary, AB; Umm Al Qura University, KSA; badawy@intelliview.ca, CYBF Mentor

Ten tips for successful mentor-mentee meetings

  1. Set up a meeting schedule that works best for both mentor and mentee. It’s a good idea to avoid, lunch and coffee break meeting. Meetings require a professional and distraction-free setting.
  2. Maintaining regular meetings between mentor and mentee is the best way to keep both parties engaged. Even if there are no urgent items of the agenda, avoid cancelling or putting off the meeting to a later date.
  3. Setup regular meeting dates in advance so both parties have time to fully prepare.
  4. Aim for quality of meetings, not quantity. Find ways to use your time as efficiently as possible so you can cover the most ground (but don’t rush!).
  5. Both the mentor and mentee should make themselves available in between face-to-face meetings for phone and/or email contact when required.
  6. Show interest and commitment to the relationship (through actions before words) by arriving at meetings on time and prepared, responding promptly to emails and phone messages and sharing openly and respectfully.
  7. Recognize that building trust requires time and effort from both parties.
  8. Alternate meeting locations between each other’s worksites.
  9. Stay curious and do not be afraid to ask each other questions at meetings.
  10. Remember that mentoring is a two-way street – be sure that you are both using these meetings as an opportunity to learn!

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