Ben Leoni, Design Pilot Creative Agency, Toronto, ON, CYBF Young Entrepreneur, @benleoni

It’s hard to describe the path to accomplishment, the scope of one’s craft, or what rising at 5 a.m. means to you. Only those who have tried to define it and those who have tried to do it know that its obtainment, and the journey to it, is different for everyone. I guess the person who described it best for me was the great Earl Nightingale when he said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” In other words, if you set that alarm clock for 5 a.m. don’t hit snooze. If you told yourself the night before that you were waking up to start your day early, then start it!

It’s quite simple. One defines success by working towards their goal but not just any goal though, a worthy goal. Something you want more than anything. If you can define what that is, set targets to go after it, and fulfill them – then you will be successful.

The two things that will help boost your success rate are:

  1. The strangest secret:
  2. Way of Life App: It allows you to build habits and achieve day-to-day activity while measuring and trending your activity.

For me, business is not the only thing in my life worth being successful at. I strive to set goals in my relationship, for my health/fitness, to better my craft, and in spiritual and intellectual spaces. If you can balance your goal-setting and find a way to give them all the time they deserve, you will be a sane, multi-talented, pleasant and well-rounded person.

Something that goes without saying about the future of business is that it’s not going to be like the past. There will be super entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and visionaries. Imagine a James Bond, Warren Buffet hybrid…at least I like to think that we’re that cool. It’s a busy, information-crazed, immediacy-driven world out there. Love what you do. Set ways to get it done and start doing it because you just can’t just hit snooze.

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