In 2010, Armen Bakirtzian, Andre Hladio & Richard Fanson co-founded in Waterloo, Ontario. Avenir Medical is an early-stage medical device company focusing on improving patient outcomes in joint replacement surgery. They had the following advice for other young entrepreneurs who are searching for success in their ventures:

Be open-minded.Scepticism of your plans does not mean they cannot be accomplished. However, remaining agile and open-minded to those you trust will ensure you are making the most reasonable and fruitful decisions.

Understand your market.There is no doubt that most industries operate under constant change. Part of being successful involves understanding your market and how you will fit in it. Continually addressing market need, competitive pricing, and access to customers will secure market share, regardless of pending changes in the economic climate.

Reach for something greater.The main elements that lead to success are dedication, a genuine desire to add value to society, and the constant pursuit to surround yourself with greatness.

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