Home offices are great if your team is small, you need few resources, you are able to work in relative isolation from personal distractions (such as family), and you don’t need to meet with clients in a professional setting on a regular basis.

When your team starts to grow, a home office can quickly get cramped. While it may be possible to spread your team out, it’s likely that you probably want to keep a little more control over your business activities. Also, you should consider the way your business is perceived by clients and your competition. While working at home may keep overheads down and give you some tax benefits, it may also affect your business reputation as you begin to grow.

A final thought to consider is how you work as an individual. Are you easily distracted by your family or those little things you forgot to do around the house? When your home and work places are the same, many people find it difficult to separate their personal and work lives, causing both to suffer as a result.

By Rose-Marie Almond, Toronto, ON, CYBF volunteer

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