The key to success is to start with a simple idea. Once you have the idea, it’s important to take action and move it forward. Work as if you are working on a puzzle and stick with it until you connect all parts together. Get help if you need to (CYBF offers full mentoring programs and financing), do your research, set your goals and develop the plans you need to reach them.

Remember that many large businesses started with a simple idea. In 2008, three young entrepreneurs had a simple idea – they rented out their spare bedroom during a large conference in San Francisco. They started with just a rented apartment and an air mattress. Entrepreneur Brian Chesky and his two co-founders called the business Air Bed & Breakfast. Today, Brian is 31 years old and his business has expanded dramatically. Airbnb is well-known, a worldwide accommodations leader present in 192 countries and used by micro-entrepreneurs, travellers and others.

Francisco Lingad, ANCL Export Import Canada, LLP, Vancouver, BC, CYBF mentor


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